June 23, 2016_Our Value Proposition For Deep Draw Tooling

These days the word “artisanal” is used quite frequently to describe a hand-made product from a skilled craftsman, usually relating to food and beverage products. Hardly a word we ever use here, but it is the same process learned through the body of knowledge for deep draw metal forming and the tradition of tool making passed on by hand from one generation to the next.                                                                                                                                          

Here at Prospect Machine Products a new order for deep draw tooling is assigned to a single toolmaker who has the sole responsibility of leading the team effort for precise tool prints, for fabrication of the tools, as well as the sole responsibility for setting the tools into the transfer press, developing the finished part for PPAP submission, overseeing the start-up of production, and maintaining the tools throughout the production run.

Our tooling ownership process is different than other deep draw transfer press shops who segment the tooling process between departments into CAD designers, toolmakers, and tool set-up personnel. Deep draw forming is an intricately connected and complex process of a work piece moving through a series of up to twelve work stations in a single transfer press. From the raw material feed to the finished part, the process is a single piece flow requiring a single skilled owner supported by a team of equally dedicated staff members.

We will assist you in your design of your precision deep draw stamping. Metal parts that previously required multiple machining operations including secondary operations have been re-tooled for deep draw so that the part can be manufactured complete in one machine through the transfer press process. The savings realized through such conversions can be substantial both in reduced material costs and the reduction of scrap.

Like pretty much everything else today, tooling can be globally sourced. That is a fact we recognize as well as the competition it creates. Yet the value we deliver, and have delivered over 66 years to our customers, still keeps us in the mix. In the last six months we have received seven new deep draw tooling orders.

Our artisans are busy!


Deep Draw Tooling