Translating Prospect Machine Products’ Website

In our initiative to expand our international sales of deep draw components, we now provide Spanish and Portuguese translations of our website.

We have been exporting deep draw components to Mexico and Brazil for many years and have earned close professional relationships with all our customers in both countries through our attention to delivery, quality, and price.

In addition to our current customer base, our decision to offer these translations was based on data from monthly Google Analytics reports recording website visits by country, the growing demand for international deep draw quotations received from our website quotation page, and the rapid expansion of the automotive industry in Mexico. We know we have a distinct advantage for growth because deep draw metal stamping is not a contract manufacturing process easily accessible throughout Latin America.

Our successful experience to date has given us the certainty that we are competitive world class suppliers of deep draw metal stampings for many international manufacturing sectors. To think that we started our 65 years ago with a couple of customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and now we are a linkage in the global supply chain, is an accomplishment we are very proud to have earned.