Prospect Machine Products Expands It’s Deep Draw Capability

On December 30, 2014, Prospect Machine Products took delivery of a 20 size Waterbury Farrel transfer press, consisting of 12 individual cam operated plunger stations.

This acquisition now extends the upper limits of our range of deep draw capability. Our maximum blank diameter increases by 25%, from 3.00 inches (76.2 mm) to 3.75 inches (95.3 mm). Correspondingly, our maximum deep draw depth increases by 47% from 2.125 inches (54 mm) to 3.12 inches (76 mm). Tonnage per station has increased, and, consequently, raw material gage moves to .060 (1.52 mm) for ferrous and .070 (1.78 mm) for non-ferrous material.

Many of our customers as well as the greater market have a need for deep drawn components larger than our current range. We look forward to the opportunities this deep draw transfer press will open for us in 2015.

Deep Draw Capability

20 Size Waterbury Farrel Transfer Press








Deep Draw Capability

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