Innovative 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Services from Prospect Machine Products

(Anthony Romero – PMP – Sales and Applications Engineering Manager)

Additive manufactu3d printing movementring services and processes were developed in the early 1980s. However, what is now known as 3D printing has only become widely available in recent years. Today, 3D printing is a highly precise process where complex geometries can be modelled in advance of full-scale manufacturing.

In addition, 3D printing has dropped in price and now can be used to produce economical models that allow companies to see their concept in physical form prior to production. What’s more, models can be produced quickly once a CAD file is available. This is important in situations where shortening time to market can help a company establish itself as a leader and give it a competitive advantage.

The Evolution of Product Visualization with 3D Printing

Historically, visualizing a part required the creation of a 3D graphic or the machining of a sample. One method or the other was almost always used due to the significant cost of designing the tooling for a deep draw stamping process, as well as the time needed to set up the presses.

With 3D printing, engineers can now design components and optimize applications for manufacturability from a deep draw perspective much more efficiently.

3d printing visual

Seek Precision with Deep Draw Metal Stamping Manufacturers

Prospect Machine Products (PMP) uses advanced 3D printing systems to assist customers by providing highly accurate physical samples at a cost-effective price point, especially as compared to machining a part. Plus, there are certain complex geometries where internal deep drawn tool makers can benefit from the ability to visualize the transport from station to station and the punch/die clearances needed.

How can PMP’s 3D printing capability have a positive impact on your next project? We’re happy to answer your questions. Contact us anytime or schedule a meeting with our Sales and Applications Engineering Manager, Tony Romero.