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The Importance of Raw Material Quality in the Deep Draw Metal Process

Raw material for deep drawing metal must be of the highest quality and meet required specifications.

By Anthony Romero – Sales and Applications Engineer Manager.

As mentioned in previous blogs, the deep draw process requires extensive know-how and expertise from the toolmakers and engineers involved. These technical experts must design the proper layout for the metal forming process, define the succession of tools (punches, dies, fingers), choose the proper tool clearances, select the appropriate lubricants, and make other decisions crucial to the success of deep draw manufacturing.

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Prospect Machine Products: Assisting Customers Worldwide from Connecticut

By Richard Laurenzi (President)

Like so many small manufacturers in our area, our earliest sales were made in Connecticut, then metro New York and New Jersey, and on to Massachusetts. All these locations were within driving distance for sales calls and deliveries by our founder, Michael Pugliese.

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Pave Your Road to Success by Partnering with the Right Deep Draw Contract Manufacturer

deep draw contract manufacturing graphic

By Anthony Romero (Sales and Applications Engineering Mgr.)

If you use parts created through deep draw metal stamping, it is critical that you choose the right manufacturing partner. But how do you evaluate potential partners? Following are key supplier attributes you should assess before making your selection.

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Deep Draw Parts & PMP make a presence at the MIV trade show. – Manufactured in Vermont


By Anthony Romero

deep draw parts & pmp at MIVThe Prospect Machine Products (PMP) booth showed all its capabilities with complex geometries, different alloys, and secondary operations. Numerous prospects were fascinated with the full spectrum of deep draw parts and inquired about services.

(Left  photo:  PMP’s president Richard Laurenzi in a technical exchange with a customer.)

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