Automotive Parts

6:27 pm

Quality Deep Draw Automotive Materials

Prospect Machine Products’ deep drawing metal forming processes have applications over a wide range of vehicular subassemblies in cars, trucks, construction, and farm equipment. Our components are utilized in:

  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Thermostats
  • Transmissions
  • Pollution and air flow regulation devices
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Power outlets
  • Seating

We produce deep draw automotive metal stamping parts from a variety of materials deep draw metal forming processes suitable to the technical, operational, and environmental requirements of their location within the vehicle. Our deep draw materials capabilities include:

  • Copper alloys for heat conductivity
  • Tough grades of stainless for heat and corrosion resistance
  • Pre-plated materials suitable against corrosion

Along with deep draw automotive metal stampings, we also provide value-added services such as specialty heat treatment, like the FNC process; plated finishes to customers’ standards, and precision cleaning for enhanced performance.

Collaboration with design engineers is an essential component to our success. Our collaboration with engineers often begins with a concept sketch and continues through to the final print. Our input of the deep drawing process provides the necessary parameters for the shape and final dimensions of the component formed through deep draw design and deep draw tooling.

For over 60 years, Prospect Machine Products has been recognized for our consistent ability to meet and exceed the rigorous quality standards that our customers require. Continuous floor inspection, real-time SPC data collection, CMM capabilities, part traceability through the life of the program, all levels of PPAP submission, IMDS compliance, and EU environmental compliance are quality assurance standards that we practice meticulously every day.