Deep Drawn Metal Stampings

Prospect Machine Products is a contract manufacturer of deep draw stamping parts. Since 1950, the deep drawing metal forming technology Prospect is known for consistently meets the needs of our customers who span a broad range of industries including appliance controls, automotive components, bearings, outdoor power equipment, medical devices, sealing technologies, and sensors.

Many customers have come to us to take advantage of deep draw metal forming technology because it can replace other more costly forms of stamping, machining, tubing, and casting, which can require multi-process machining and increased material utilization. Through the efficient use of material and the ability to perform multiple, complex steps in one machine and in one process, the deep draw process makes deep draw components more affordable and faster to produce.

Prospect Machine Products’ deep draw engineering and deep draw tooling is done in-house, with the latest in 3D CAD design software. Through our expert tooling capabilities, we have resolved many production challenges. Parts that previously required multiple machine runs or secondary operations have been tooled so that the part can be manufactured in one machine and through one process.

For features that cannot be built in the machine, we have a long-established supply chain of proven secondary and other value-added suppliers. Through our supply chain, we can provide you with many varieties of post-deep draw process operations including plating, heat treatment, and precision cleaning, as well as secondary press operations.

At Prospect Machine, we deliver exactly what complex deep draw production requires – design solutions, exacting engineering standards, precision tooling, state of the art manufacturing, high quality production, value-added services, and enduring customer relationships.